Marketing Smart is a collection of proven, easy-to-read marketing and advertising strategies and tips to help Challenger Brands take on their larger competitors. Written by marketing guru John Gumas, Marketing Smart collects years of proven techniques, industry insight and practical guidelines that you can put to use in your company right away. Increase your marketing know-how—and your bottom line—by Marketing Smart!
“John Gumas is a real pro when it comes to marketing. He has a knack for keeping things simple. In Marketing Smart, John gets right to the heart of common everyday marketing and sales issues, and his tips always focus, in a practical way, on the problem that needs to be solved. For John, it is all about results.”
- Mario Alioto, Sr. VP, Director of Marketing, San Francisco Giants

Marketing Smart is a must-read, with original thinking applicable to any organization, regardless of industry or size. John Gumas makes it practical with easy-to-read marketing tips and strategies that will make an immediate impact on your organization. I trust him.” - Art Agnos, Former Mayor, San Francisco, CA

“If you’re Google, Disney or Coke... don’t bother with this book. For the rest of us, it’s a must-read—filled with pragmatic, results-delivering insights that will prepare our brands to take on and conquer any competitor.” - Drew McLellan, President, McLellan Marketing Group, Des Moines, IA